Registration of private enterprise

Registration of private enterprise in L’viv

In general, the term “enterprise” referred to all legal forms of legal entities (during registration LLC as well as during registration PE).

But having decided to register a company, you should first determine its legal form.

There are not significant differences between Limited Liability Company and Private Enterprise; in both forms founders are not responsible for the liabilities of the company.

To begin, we note that it is necessary to distinguish PE (private enterprise) and IE (physical person – individual entrepreneur), which is popularly called “private entrepreneurs”.. The first is a legal entity that is company with separate assets and liabilities, while individual entrepreneur operates as an individual person, with his own funds and assets.

The legislation has a restriction that limited liability company cannot have the sole shareholder another business entity, whose shareholder is one person. A person may be a founder of only one limited liability company, which has one participant. This limitation does not apply to private enterprises, so, you can register several private enterprises being the only one founder there.

In order that we can register PE it will be enough to give us copies of passport and identification code of director and founders, address of registration as well as to choose  tax system and the name future company.

Registration of private enterprises also includes the development of the Charter, and forming of share capital. Private enterprise can have its own seal, one or more bank accounts. The founder of the company can be both its Director.

It is also important to determine the types of activities that the company will deal with since their indication in the charter and a single register can have consequences in economic relations and in relations with tax authorities.

Usually the registration of private enterprise takes 3-4 working days, some time is needed to develop and prepare the charter and other documents for registration.

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Registration of private enterprise

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