The notary is one of the main divisions of the Ministry of Justice, also subordinate to it. It is part of the general state system, created so that individuals and legal entities have the opportunity to legalize, give legal effect to contractual relations between themselves. It is necessary to notarize documents, a power of attorney, a loan agreement with a public notary so that in case of conflict situations, disputes, the parties can rely on documentary sources that are legally valid in the country, so the price for the work of specialists is quite justified.

Private notary offices in Lviv, Kyiv have the same functions and powers as public ones, so citizens are free to choose on their own which authority to contact. The legality of the notarial activities of a private company (individual) is confirmed by the presence of a package of documents established by the state, indicating proper qualifications, experience, knowledge base of domestic legislation. The cost of services for certification of documents, execution of a power of attorney, consent, consultation of a notary in the city of Lviv, Kyiv can vary significantly, as it depends on many related factors.


The open register (list) of notaries in Lviv and Kyiv is quite extensive. Citizens can choose a specialist based on his priority specialization, experience, and other important factors. Before ordering a notary’s home visit, the price of which is higher than when visiting the office on your own, you should make sure that the selected specialist has a valid certificate from state regulatory bodies confirming his right to specialized activities within the framework of the Constitution of Ukraine, Laws and Acts of the Ministry justice.

Prices for notary services (Lviv, Kyiv) vary significantly and largely depend on what type of activity he has to perform:

  • certify the transaction;
  • settle one’s affairs;
  • issue a certificate of inheritance;
  • certify the power of attorney;
  • issue consent;
  • certify the authenticity of the signature;
  • make an executive order.

The current price list (price list) for notary services can be found on our website


The most frequent reason for contacting specialists is the need for legal entry into inheritance rights. According to the laws of Ukraine, the heir cannot simply become the owner of any property. To do this, it is necessary to provide to the state regulatory authorities a package of documents confirming his right to inherit movable or immovable property. Payment for the services of a notary when registering an inheritance, real estate is made by the party claiming to receive ownership of property of any kind.

How much do services cost when registering an inheritance, consultation, going to the place of a notary – this is the question that most often worries potential clients, since it is quite a natural desire of many citizens to save money as much as possible. But in this case, the price of notary services in Kyiv, taking into account the payment of state duty, will be several times less than legal costs, bureaucratic red tape during the actual inheritance without filing an application and obtaining a state-recognized certificate. The best notaries of the city of Lviv, who are highly qualified professionals with extensive experience, work in the “Bachynskyi and Partners Lawyer Association”, therefore, by contacting us, clients can be sure of the legality and correctness of all actions taken.


Regardless of whether or not citizens are satisfied with the cost of certain types of services, it is still necessary to certify documents with a notary, since in most situations ignoring this stage causes serious unpleasant consequences that can lead not only to the loss of money, personal property, but and to the onset of administrative and legal liability for violation of the procedure established by law for conducting contractual procedures. State notaries, whose service fees may be lower than the price list for notary services in private offices, cannot always satisfy the wishes of clients. Their area of ​​interest does not include the desire to simplify the procedure for clients as much as possible. That is why many decide to turn to private experts.

In this situation, the correct execution of the primary package of documents plays an important role, as well as the purpose for which movable or immovable property is acquired – personal, industrial, commercial use. When buying real estate, it is also important whether it is a primary market or a secondary one. In the latter case, the amount of work required will be much greater, as the number of risk factors for the future owner increases. It is impossible to check everything on your own or with the help of a realtor, since this requires access to some closed bases and knowledge of legislative subtleties. Depositing a security deposit is also a big risk, and transferring money even in front of witnesses without an official document that has legal force is not the best solution, especially when it comes to multi-million dollar transactions.


The price of certification of documents, execution of a power of attorney at a notary in Lviv and Kyiv when resolving issues with real estate depends on the amount of work that he has to perform. In simple cases, it is fixed, but in some complex situations it can vary individually. It should be understood that only notarized documents have legal force. Agreements drawn up orally and in writing without the participation of a specialist authorized by the Ministry of Justice cannot be used as legal evidence of the existence of contractual relations, obligations between individuals and legal entities in the event of disputes between the parties.


Marriage is a union between a man and a woman who have reached marriageable age, which is concluded on a voluntary basis and is certified by the State Registration of Civil Status Acts. Spouses are issued a marriage certificate. According to Ukrainian legislation, spouses have equal rights and obligations in relation to each other, children born in a marriage union. Also, family law provides for the need to regulate some intra-family issues with the participation of a notary. A notarized copy of the consent of the spouses is a document that confirms the agreement reached between the spouses, and the price of its execution directly depends on the subject of the agreement and the complexity of the situation.

Notarization of the contract, consent of the spouse, other important documents, transactions allows you to legitimize all the steps taken and protect each of the spouses from possible unpleasant consequences, so the price that will have to be paid will be clearly justified by the absence of objective risks. If it is impossible to visit a public or private office, you can always order a notary call to the house, the price of which in the city of Kyiv is the most affordable in the “Bachinsky and Partners Lawyer Association”.


Civil law relations and obligations may arise between individuals and legal entities on the basis of business, personal ties. Their subjects can be both citizens of Ukraine and foreigners. Regardless of nationality, the number of interacting parties, the type of relations existing between them, according to the law, sometimes it becomes necessary to certify a copy of the lease agreement, statement, agreement, make a power of attorney with a notary, the price of which services in Kyiv is high, but justified.

An oral or simple transaction does not need to be certified, but entails significant risks for all parties. That is why it is recommended to conclude a qualified transaction, drawn up in a notarial form, with a certification inscription. When making a real estate transaction in Kyiv, a private notary makes a record of its legality, after which the document becomes legally binding, so the price paid by the parties or one of the parties is determined by the presence of complete legal security of the act.


The law of Ukraine provides for a number of cases in which an individual or legal entity has the right to delegate its obligations, representation to third parties. To do this, it is necessary to strictly follow the established procedure. In this case, consultation with a notary in Kyiv, the price of which is low, is simply necessary, since for delegation it is necessary to correctly draw up a special document – a power of attorney – authorizing third parties to act on behalf of the principal legally. It must necessarily contain a list of delegated obligations, as well as the time periods in which they can be carried out by a third party.

A good private notary in the city of Kyiv, Lviv draw up a document as soon as possible in accordance with the letter of the law, which will allow all participants to gain confidence in the legality and legality of their actions. In the event that after the expiration of the specified period the need for cooperation with a representative of the principal has not disappeared or, if necessary, to expand the powers of a third party, the document may be amended accordingly. This can only be done by a competent specialist. Otherwise, the power of attorney loses its legal force. How much does it cost to issue a receipt, a loan agreement, certify consent, an agreement, a copy, other documents from a notary can be found on our website


It often happens that the help of a competent specialist is urgently required, and one of the parties, for various reasons, cannot visit a public or private institution. In such cases, the notary office of the “Bachinsky and Partners Lawyer Association” offers the service of an on-site specialist, the prices for which may vary depending on the time (working/evening), day of the week (weekdays/weekends). The authority of a specialist does not change depending on the place of provision of services.

A mobile notary certifies documents, draws up powers of attorney and other necessary actions, subject to confidence in their legality and legality in relation to all participants, and the high price is fully justified by comfort and minimal time costs. Most often, such services are needed by elderly, seriously ill people who want to delegate their powers, transfer the right to sign, the ability to manage finances, property, draw up a will, draw up a deed of gift.


When contacting a state notary, you should remember that it will not be possible to invite the first specialist you meet or like, since the place of the transaction must belong to its territorial service area. In order not to make a mistake, it is better to clarify this information in advance, since you will have to pay for the call in any case, and refusal to pay for services entails administrative responsibility. If potential clients do not have enough free time to find out whether a particular address belongs to a particular public notary, it will be much easier to contact a private office, the powers of which specialists do not differ from the powers of state employees. Before inviting a specialist, it is better to consult first by phone, in order to accurately find out the list of necessary documents that will need to be provided in order to be able to carry out a particular transaction. They must be properly drawn up in accordance with the procedure established by law and not contain errors, knowingly false or inaccurate information. If these requirements are not met, the specialist will not be able to provide the necessary assistance, since in this case he will violate the law and the funds will be wasted.


Regardless of whether it is decided to apply to a private office or a public notary, potential clients should be aware that the cost of notary services (transactions) in Lviv and Kyiv cannot differ significantly, since pricing is regulated by regulations of the Ministry of Justice. A slight difference in prices is allowed due to the influence of related factors. The standard set by the state can always be found in the open sources of the Ministry of Justice on the net or in the special press.

The price of consent, certification of a signature by a notary is the amount that individuals and legal entities pay for their peace of mind and confidence in their own security. Ignoring the procedure in the modern realities of conducting business relations is unlikely to pass without a trace and with a high degree of probability will entail significant financial costs, loss of time, nerves, and in the worst case, property. A risk of this magnitude is not only unjustified, but unacceptable.


Legal relations between individuals and legal entities is a multifaceted and complex area of ​​relationships, which is very difficult to implement without the help of qualified professionals. Even if full mutual understanding is reached between the parties, specific nuances may arise in the process of business or personal relations, which are simply impossible to solve without special knowledge and education. In order to make any relationship between the parties comfortable, in 2008 the “Bachinsky and Partners Lawyers Association” was created. Our goal is to provide comprehensive services to our clients, support and protection at all stages of personal or business development. Our team brings together the best specialists in each industry who specialize in solving a wide variety of legal situations. The team is constantly developing and improving, as evidenced by the recognition in Ukraine and abroad. We offer our clients honest and open cooperation with a fixed price policy. By concluding an agreement with our company, individuals and legal entities can be sure that they will receive prompt and effective legal assistance in the field of notarial and any other situation.

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