Law company Legalaid organizes court debates for students

Law company „Legalaid” on  March 26, 2015 as co-partner conducted 1st judicial debates at Law institute of Lviv Polytechnic university and delegated manager partner and two senior lawyers there to judge the hearing. Such court hearing were provided in model of „pseudo-trial” as it was in famous TV serial – „Suits”. This format allowed to expand traditional pleadings and conduct them more closely to real court hearing. Thus, participants prepared and presented „evidence” in the case materials, and trained witnesses (who were extremely convincing).

In the debate were registered and  took part 10 teams, totally of about 50 participants. This shows the great interest of the students to such educational format of legal rolling games.

The winners (1-3 place, the best speaker, best witness) has right for the internship at Law company Legalaid and receiving letter of recommendation from the results of such practice (training).

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