Legal structuring of M&A contracts

To protect the client`s interests as a party to a merger and acquisition contract, lawyers of the Attorneys at Law “Bachynskyy and Partners” carry out:
– a comprehensive analysis of all stages of contract in compliance with the law;
– evaluation of possible risks;
– development of a thorough plan to fulfil the necessary steps in contract implementation;
– support in the preparation of necessary documents and their legal assessment.

For each specific contract, an optimal structure is developed, where the following components are defined:

  • Procedure for title transfer;
  • Parties to a contract;
  • Price (procedure for its determining and adjustment);
  • Selection of taxation form for a created structure;
  • Procedure of payment;
  • Solving the issues concerning compliance with anti-trust laws and other regulatory restrictions;
  • Possibility and procedure for concluding additional contracts;
  • Rules for dispute resolution.

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