Renewal of a temporary/permanent residence permit

A permit for temporary/permanent residence in Ukraine is a document certifying the identity of a foreigner or a stateless person and confirming the legal grounds for temporary residence in Ukraine. Depending on the type of residence permit, such a document gives you the right to live in Ukraine for one or ten years.

If you have lost or stolen such a document, do not worry, because you have the opportunity to issue and get a new card.

The procedure for renewing a residence permit consists of several stages:

  1. Collection of necessary documents.
  2. Applying  to the territorial body of the Migration Service of Ukraine at the place of registration of the foreigner and submitting documents for a new passport.
  3. Getting the finished result.

Documents required to renew a temporary/permanent residence permit:

  1. passport document of a foreigner or a document certifying a stateless person;
  2. a translation into Ukrainian of a page of a foreigner’s passport document or a document certifying a stateless person with personal data, certified in accordance with the procedure established by law;
  3. documents confirming the circumstances or legal facts according to which the certificate is subject to exchange;
  4. a document confirming the payment of the administrative fee.

If you have any questions regarding the renewal of a permanent/temporary residence permit, the specialists of the “Bachynskyy and Partners” attorneys at law will be happy to help you quickly achieve the desired result.

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