Extension of the period of stay on the territory of Ukraine for foreigners

More and more foreigners are visiting Ukraine both for private purposes and to obtain a residence permit here. However, the problem of overstaying foreigners and stateless persons in Ukraine still remains relevant.

As a general rule, a foreigner can stay in Ukraine for 90 days within 180 days, but the latter often ignore this rule. In the case of opening a visa to Ukraine, the terms specified in the visa cannot be exceeded.

In order to avoid unpleasant consequences in the form of administrative fines, deportation and even a ban on entry to Ukraine, you need to take care of the legality of your stay in advance.

The most common reasons for leaving Ukraine are work, study, reunification with family, volunteering.

If these reasons are not relevant for you, you can use the following:

  • submission of an application for an immigration permit;
  • submission of an application for the acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship;
  • if there are reasons that prevent you from leaving Ukraine;
  • other cases when there is a need to extend the period of stay (treatment, pregnancy, care of a sick family member, registration of inheritance, performance of official duties by a foreign correspondent or a representative of a foreign mass media, etc.).

In order to receive this service, you need:

  • collect the necessary documents;
  • apply to the territorial body or subdivision of the Internal Revenue Service of Ukraine at the place of residence;
  • submit an application and necessary documents;
  • get a stamp in your passport to extend your stay in Ukraine.

All these procedures are quite complicated and require the help of a lawyer, so that all stages of legalization in Ukraine pass quickly and efficiently. Lawyers of “Bachynskyy and Partners” attorneys at law consider each case individually – so you can be calm about your legalization in Ukraine.

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