• Analysis of the real estate sale scheme, contract (property rights, purchase and sale,
  • Audit of the real estate object (apartment or non-residential, commercial premises in a
    new building) and assessment of the risks of acquiring the right of ownership (due diligence procedure);
  • Elaboration on the compliance of construction permit documents, land,
    town planning conditions and restrictions and technical conditions;
  • Examination of the developer and the general contractor in the relevant registers (including
    whether there are legal proceedings against them and on what grounds; arrests or encumbrances on the
    construction site; whether the developer is a debtor);
  • Verification of the developer’s compliance with the requirements of the legislation and the DBN;
  • The prospect of handing over the construction object within the agreed terms and the approximate calculation
    of the delay in putting it into operation;
  • Representation of interests in case of non-fulfillment of the terms of the contract by developers,
    writing claims, collection of fines, penalties;
  • Representation of interests in case of termination of the contract concluded with the developer in
    courts and through negotiations (mediation);
  • Analysis and verification of documents regarding the real estate object in case of its purchase on the
    secondary market;
  • Production of technical passports for premises;
  • Registration of ownership rights to real estate in the state register of property rights to
    real estate;
  • Assistance in registering ownership and returning 1% of the cost of housing paid
    to the Pension Fund of Ukraine (when buying real estate for the first time);
    Mortgage consulting.

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