Criminal law and business protection

Protecting one’s rights in the modern world has become a matter of concern and a necessity for law abiding citizens and enterprises.  The department of criminal law in our firm deals not only with cases involving unlawful detentions and human rights violations, for example, but also with recovering damages from financial and image losses due to law infringements committed among others by law enforcement bodies, prosecutors, and competitors.

The law firm “LegalAid” offers a solution to all problems that arise or may arise in the area of criminal law and procedures

Attorney at law Valeria Kolomiets is the Head of Criminal Law Department.


  • We provide services in criminal procedures including, but not limited to:
  • Representation of witnesses;
  • Representation and defense during the pre-trial investigations in criminal procedures;
  • Representation  of the defendants before criminal courts in all jurisdictions;
  • Representation of victims of crimes also at the pre-trial investigation phase;
  • Representation of victims  of crimes in courts in all jurisdictions.

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