The main regulator of the banking system of Ukraine adopted new rules of formation and disclosure of the ownership structure of the bank

The changes were enacted by the NBU Board of Directors.

Henceforward, the bank will not be considered as a problematic if the data on the property will  consist the information about:

– All holders who have direct or indirect share in the amount of 10 percent or more of the share capital

– All main bank owners and other key members who own corporate rights of the bank

– The nature of the relationship between owners

Separately regulated legal ownership of shares of the bank. National Bank will now recognize the ownership structure of the bank shadow if shares of the Bank in any respect belong to the so-called “discretion Trust”.National Bank also regulated the situation of distribution of the property between individuals in the bank, when none of them is a significant owner.

Banks are given two-week period to update information about their owners and ordering them according to the above act.

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