A new law on public service came into force

On May 1, 2016 a new law of Ukraine “On Public Service” came into force, according to which public servants will be appointed to the position by competition. The basis of the competition commission constitute social activists (about a third of the total membership), also in the commission there are representatives of the Parliament, Goverment, trade unions and employers’ associations. In opinion of legislator, such competitive committee composition and open competition will make impossible to appoint the public servants under previous agreements.
In addition, the new law provides three categories of public servants – “A”, “Б” and “B”. Representatives of the highest category “A” – senior public service appointed for 5 years (the total time spent in the service should not exceed 2 full terms) may not be members of political parties and take part in strikes. Also, the law introduced a new position of the State Secretary in the Goverment, that must exercise the powers of the head of public service in this body.

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