Poroshenko approved the electronic appeal


Electronic appeal can not contain anti-state appeals. E-petition to President or to the government should be approved at least by 25 thousand of Citizens of Ukraine.

Poroshenko signed a law “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine” On citizens’ appeals ” about procedure on appeal via the Internet. The document adopted by Parliament and the President. The law establishes the procedure for submission Ukrainian personal and group appeals over the Internet.

Procedure for submission states that in addition to personal data, place of registration, citizen petitions purpose statement should also contain email address, which will send a response, or specified other way communication with them. E-mail petitions cannot be filed with calls to undermine the territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ukraine destruction, inciting religious, ethnic struggle. Under the new requirements, the Internet appeal must contain a sufficient number of votes.Appeals via  Internet, directed to the President or the public authority has to gain its support for no less than 25 thousand signatures within 90 days of submission.

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