The court fee will be raised from 1 September 2015

Parliament adopted the draft law On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine concerning payment of court fee number 2862 from 15.05.2015.
The main change is that if the fee is legal property claim is estimated at 1% of the claim, but not less than 0.2 salary size and no more than 3 salary size, it is proposed to install a 1.5% of the claim, but not less than 1 min. salary size for a legal entity or individual entrepreneur; for individuals – 1% of the claim, but not less than 0.4 salary size. Thus, increasing the minimum threshold (now about 250 UAH, and will be around 1200 UAH for legal entities and about 500 UAH  for individuals).
At the same time, the size of the court fee proposed in the commercial court reduced from 2% to 1.5%, but at the same time raise the minimum paid size from 1 min. salary to 1.5 of minimum salary.

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