Changes to Procedure on distribution of writs

On March 17, 2015 came into force the new procedure for the automatic distribution of writs in the Department of Enforcement Department of the State Executive Service of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Now the computer system independently distributes documents among employees of SES depending on how many writs are on their performance.

If the incoming writ on the debtor (the recovery of money) for which in some SES Department has already opened another executive proceeding, then the documents on this debtor will be automatically distributed to the executor, who carries out the previous proceedings.

On admission, executive documents handled by an authorized person and head of the department are recorded on the day they are received. The system will automatically distribute enforcement proceedings form the Journal of the executive proceedings, in fact – also cover enforcement proceedings.

In addition, the head of every day no later than 9.30 brings in the missing information in the workplace artists to distribution system is not carried enforcement proceedings against them.

When a person takes the distribution of the writ of execution on the signature of the bailiff, who guessed system.

We believe that the automatic allocation of enforcement proceedings will balance the load shedule between the relevant authorities, eliminate corruption component that allows contact “their” employees of executive services.

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