Poroshenko signed a bill (№2983) «On State Registration of Legal Entities and individuals – entrepreneurs and community groups.” The law applies to the registration of the FLP and their symbols, legal entities, public organizations, that is not a legal entity.

Local authorities take state registration authority at the time of the adaptation period (until 30 April 2016).

Local authorities electronic portal, which should provide services, like: filing of documents in electronic form, the state of the submitted documents, access to documents, publication of the results of administrative services, the size of the administrative fee.

From the moment when the law takes effect, notary public is authorized registrars.

The law also sets the administrative fee for state registration. For example, the definition of registration of changes to information on legal entities. You must pay attention to the fact that the law affects certain changes to the procedure, and specifically – under execution of judgments in electronic form.

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