Throughout the world, society is critical of divorce. After all, the family is collapsing, which causes not only moral trauma to its members, but also affects the attitude of other people. And if through the registry office you can quietly and peacefully get a divorce, then divorce proceedings sometimes end in scandals. Filing an application to the court for divorce occurs because of the disagreement of one of the spouses to divorce. In this case, the judge is allowed to officially decide on the dissolution of the marriage. But even with mutual desire, there are situations when a break in relations is possible only in court – this is the presence in the family of a child born in a legal marriage. Therefore, it is advisable to file an application for divorce through the court along with documents on the further upbringing of the child by each spouse.


Before submitting documents, you need to make a claim. After that, the court will consider it within a couple of weeks and set a date for the start of hearings. The legislation defines the exact term for making a decision – one month from the start of the meetings, which can last up to ninety days. But how long the process itself will take is at the mercy of various factors. Much depends on the speed of providing the necessary document, the presence of a complaint from the responding party and the concluded marriage contract. The court order clearly provides what needs to be done to speed up the process, but despite this, filing a divorce through the courts is troublesome. The case procedure permits divorce without the presence of one of the parties, if, for good reason, she cannot be in the courtroom and, if his interests are represented by a trusted person. Most often, this is a lawyer, so it is not necessary to sit at the hearing. He will tell you what documents are needed for subsequent actions in a divorce in court.


The divorce process consists of a large number of subtleties that play a key role in making a decision. Their knowledge is a major factor in choosing a qualified lawyer. A lawyer must carefully study the documents in order to answer the most important questions: Is it worth filing for a divorce? What are the chances of a successful completion of the process? In the event that there is even a slight chance of winning, he is obliged to get down to business. Many law firms in Kyiv offer their services, but not many are able to clearly and competently build a line of conduct. Even a novice lawyer can teach a client how to correctly draw up the documents required by the court, but they cannot come up with a tactic that guarantees winnings for a specific client. So the choice of an experienced lawyer with a solid portfolio behind him is extremely important in the divorce process.

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