Foreign investments in Ukraine

The procedure of foreign investments registration in Ukraine is complicated and comprises:

1) Registration at State Fiscal (Tax) service of Ukraine. One shall apply to Tax service with all necessary documents at the place of investing, to verify making financial investments de facto in the relevant share capital of the company. The procedure is rather problematic and may last 2 weeks and more.

2) Registration of foreign investments in Regional State Administration (RSA)
The registration procedure in the RSA is uncomplicated and is carried in up to seven days, in accordance with the submitted documents required by the “Procedure of state registration (re-registration) of foreign investment and its cancellation”.

Registration of foreign investments received in cash is also carried out within seven days, but obviously, there is no need to confirm the actual availability of the product. Bank certificate and an account statement confirm the presence of foreign investment.
Informational application that was submitted to the Tax service is a confirmation of foreign investment registration.
For registration of foreign investments in Ukraine additionally see our comprehensive services in support of foreign investment, and call (096) 0020100 (or by other contacts on the site).

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