Leaving Ukraine for permanent residence in another country

The number of people wishing to leave Ukraine for permanent residence abroad (hereinafter-referred to as permanent residence) is significantly increasing from year to year. This can easily be explained by the unstable political and economic situation in Ukraine. Getting all the paperwork done in Ukraine is a complicated procedure, which requires the collection of a large number of different documents and takes a lot of time from someone who nevertheless decided to take this step. In this article, we will take a closer look at the process of leaving Ukraine.

How to leave Ukraine for permanent residence?

Firstly, you need to apply with the application and required documents to the relevant territorial division of the State Migration Service of Ukraine (at the place of residence) or to the embassy of Ukraine (if you are not in Ukraine).

The process of leaving for permanent residence takes 3 months. During this time, the State migration service verifies the identity of the applicant by sending requests to the Security Service of Ukraine, internal affairs bodies and military commissariats at the applicant’s place of residence in Ukraine. Based on the results of the checks, a positive or negative decision is made.

In case of a positive decision, the applicant must be deregistered from his place of residence in Ukraine. After that, the applicant’s passport is stamped with “permanent residence” indicating the country to which he leaves, together with noting the date, the name, position and signature of the person who made this record.


Can I be refused leaving for permanent residence abroad and on which grounds?

The ground for making a negative decision in obtaining permission to leave for permanent residence abroad may be the presence of alimony, contractual, tax or other unfulfilled obligations of the applicant. Person may also be denied if a lawsuit has been filed against the applicant, he/she is a subject to appeal for military service etc.

In addition, a citizen may be temporarily restricted from traveling abroad, for example, in cases when:


  •  he is aware of information constituting a state secret – before the expiration of the period established by Article 12 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Procedure for Departure from Ukraine and Entry into Ukraine of Ukrainian Citizens”;
  •  in case concerning the applicant in the manner prescribed by the criminal procedural law, was applied a preventive measure, under the terms of which he was prohibited from traveling abroad – until the end of the criminal proceedings or the abolition of the relevant restrictions;
  • he was convicted of a criminal offense – until serving his sentence or release from punishment etc.


Permission to leave a child for permanent residence abroad

A child under the age of 16 may leave Ukraine for permanent residence with parents. If one of the parents remains in Ukraine, then in order to carry out the child’s leaving for permanent residence, the consent of the parent who remains is required.

If one of the parents who remains in Ukraine does not allow the child to leave, this issue can be resolved through the court. In this case, a lawsuit should be filed. In addition, the ground for the child’s leaving for permanent residence without the permission of the second parent may be the presentation of such documents: 

  •  a copy of the death certificate of the father or mother;
  • court decision on depriving the second parent of parental rights;
  • court decision on recognition of the second parent as being limited in legal capacity or incapable;
  •  court decision on recognition of the second parent as missing or declaring him dead.


Why do I need to check out for permanent residence?

Not even half of Ukrainian citizens who leave Ukraine for permanent residence go through the official procedure of “check out”. This happens for various reasons; however, do not forget about the inconvenience, which it will create in future. For example, the absence of a stamp about leaving for permanent residence creates certain restrictions while applying to diplomatic institutions of Ukraine abroad. That is why we always advise to do all paperwork, despite its complexity and duration.



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