Spanish lawyer joined Lviv attorneys at law “BK partners”

The establishment of foreign lawyers in Ukraine is directly related to the country’s engaging in the globalized economy. A new transnational dimension must be given to the economic integration that is taking place around the world. Participating in this trend means also engaging in new types of joint ventures in all areas, and very especially in the environment of legal services.


By definition, in international trade two (or more) legal systems enter in contact with each other. A non-parochial perspective of such deals suggest accepting at least a fraction of the other party’s national perspective, and/or making use of specialized legal tools that are available for negotiations and for the contractual process, not to speak about the settlement of disputes.


By combining the expertise of a local Lviv law firm with the know-how put forward by a seasoned lawyer who has been practising international and EU law during almost 35 years, new doors, or opportunities, for the West-Ukrainian economy will open up.


We do not have a central planning mentality. To the contrary, we let things happen and we will adjust to the needs as and when they arise. This is also the prevailing positive attitude in the most advanced jurisdictions around the world and this attitude will also inspire our cooperation.

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