LC “Legalaid” participated in seminar “Tax Reform 2015 in Action”

Legal company “Legalaid” has joined the seminar “Tax Reform 2015 in Action”, held jointly by NGO “Council of Independent Accountants and Auditors” and the Lviv Chamber of Commerce on April 23, 2015.

During the seminar urgent issues of actions innovations tax legislation in the first quarter were discussed: income tax, value added tax, military and social contributions collecting, legislation amendments on currency and mobilization.

Senior lawyer of the Legal company “Legalaid” Natalia Vasylechko, an expert on tax law, shared with the participants the information on the definition terms of related parties, controlled operations and other aspects of transfer pricing and the practice of application of the responsibility in labor relations with employees.

Activity of participants, a large number of questions and lively discussions confirmed that currently there are many problems and inconsistencies in the application of previously existing as well as new tax rules.

Litigation practice and practice of supervisory authorities is not unique, which causes additional need in deeper study and improvement of legislation and regulatory requirements of legal acts.

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