“Legal liability for breach of the use of content”: reported by managing partner at iCamp

How to protect copyrights (property) rights for the idea, text, code or brand?
As well how to avoid suit for  a few hundred thousand $? – nswers were discussed due to  own experience of  Managing Partner of LLC “Legal-servicing Company  “Legalaid” at Lviv iCamp 2015, a conference dedicated to SEO and Internet marketing.
Here are only  some of tips from those that were highlighted in the report of Taras:
1) Do not buy a domain name for your name, if you are a developer sites. Because, usually, when searching the site owner, it is most easily done through the domain owner due to service WHOIS. And domain owner will face claim to large amounts of any violations on the site (such as stolen content, plagiarism or insult or posted false information).
2) The idea (whether a startup or a new product or any improvement of information services) is not protected in Ukraine. A good way to protect your idea – have the means to implement it by yourself.
Legal options are to translate idea into text or code and register copyright (for text or software) and to register trade mark.
3) If your rights are violated by stoling content (text or pictures), you should not hesitate to defend your rights. There are increased number of court case in Ukraine on such subject with positive results. A method of fixation of evidence on the Internet – through the examination – gives a good chance on the basis of such evidence to win a case of reimbursement of a considerable amount of money.
These and other issues were highlighted by Ph.D., professor at NU “Lviv Polytechnic” Taras Bachynskyi. IT attorney, in 2005 Taras started his business not as a lawyer, but as founder of Internet portal on online car sales. This allowed him more closely communicate with the programmers, and also Taras learned the basics of SEO, which was also successfully used in the legal business.

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