Applications to the Supreme Court are direct now

Since 29/03/2015, the Supreme Court of Ukraine will accept applications for review of court decisions directly from applicants.

The rule concerns administrative (art. 239-1, Code of Administrative Procedure), civil (art.358, Code of Civil Procedure), criminal (art.449, Code of Criminal Procedure ) and economic (art.111-18, 111-19, Code of Economic Procedure ) proceedings.
Recall that still applications for review of court decisions used to be filed through the High Specialized Court of Ukraine for Civil and Criminal Cases, the Higher Economic Court of Ukraine and the Higher Administrative Court of Ukraine.
Therefore, applications for review of the decisions of inferior instances by the Supreme Court of Ukraine, that were received by the judicial authorities, mentioned above, no later than on March 28th, 2015,  will still be considered under the prior order that was valid before the new changes came into force.
If the application for review was submitted to the court of cassation instance with a departure date after March 28th, 2015, this statement will be registered in the automated  workflow system of the court. But under the specific Instructions on Records in courts of Ukraine, such an application should be forwarded to the appropriate or court or be returned to the sender within 2-business days from the date of receipt of a mistakenly delivered correspondence (in economic and general jurisdiction). In administrative courts this period is three, not two days.

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