Real Estate Tax 2015

From 1 January 2015, as a result of the tax reform, substantial changes to the Tax Code on real estate tax have been made.
Firstly, the tax on real property other than land is a part of property tax according to Art. 265 of Tax Code, although, in fact, it is a special type of local tax with its own specific calculation, payment rates and benefits.
Secondly, due to changes in tax privileges, the tax base has quantitatively increased. The real estate tax for 2015, according to legislation, must be paid by citizens who own apartments, with total area more than 60 square meters, or houses with total area more than 120 square meters, in the case of possession of different objects (and apartments and houses) – more than 180 sq.m. In other words, tax is charged only to the area that exceeds the above mentioned.
Privileges are not applicable if the apartment or house is used by owners for profit (such as rent).
It should be noted that in case of ownership of number of real estate – areas are added up, if the house or apartment belongs on the right of common property – the tax base is determined in proportion to the shares.
Real estate tax rates are determined by local councils within the limits established by the Tax Code, and it cannot exceed 2 per cent of the minimum wage on January 1 of the reporting year for 1 square meter of real estate.
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Real Estate Tax 2015
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