Marriage is a logical outcome of the relationship between a man and a woman and the stage when new rights and obligations are assigned to each of them. One of these rights is the ability of the spouse to apply to the court for recognition of the marriage as invalid. The reason for the breakup is a violation of the conditions for marriage or the lack of intentions to create a family. As a rule, an invalid marriage is a fictitious painting for selfish purposes. Not only husband or wife can apply. According to the Family Code of Ukraine, the initiation of the invalidity of a marriage is allowed for any person who believes that the formalized relationship violated their rights, parents or guardians of the child who believe that his interests and representatives of the bodies of the Board of Trustees are affected.


The Ukrainian legislation clearly spells out the conditions under which marriage is considered invalid: if a marriage is registered with a person who is already married, if the spouses are direct relatives or a brother and sister, if one of the persons is incapacitated. Also, a marriage is considered invalid if its registration took place without the free will of the participants. The state of psychological disorder, alcohol, drug intoxication, physical or moral violence against one of the participants – all these signs affect the recognition of the incapacity of the person who has entered into a relationship. Article 26 of the Family Code of Ukraine provides for a number of conditions under which a marriage is annulled: before the conclusion of the union, one of the persons hid a serious illness or diseases, representing a direct danger to a second person or relatives; one of the participants has not reached marriageable age or is denied marriage. There are some exceptions that do not allow a marriage to be declared invalid. This is the pregnancy of a woman or the birth of a child. A formal divorce or the death of a spouse is not a bar to filing an annulment petition.


Fortunately, married couples rarely resort to measures such as annulment. On the other hand, domestic lawyers have little practice in such slippery cases. Therefore, when contacting the office, the client can get into an inexperienced family lawyer and become a “guinea pig”, on which the lawyer will fill bumps. To prevent this from happening, before the visit, you should read real reviews about his work, find out about the percentage of successful cases, and it is better to build a choice on the recommendations of those people you trust. To speed up the trial, the lawyer should announce a complete list of basic and additional documents that may be required during the meetings.

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