Registration of a non-governmental organization

Non-governmental organization (further – the NGO) may be registered with a status of legal entity or without it.
They are divided into 2 types:  NGOs of local and national level.
Stage I. Registration of local NGO
You will need:

  • Make a minutes of constituent meeting in accordance with the legislation at least by 2 founders;
  • Prepare a Statute of the NGO;
  • Notarize an application for registration.

The term of state registration is 7 days.
The minutes of constituent meeting must meet following requirements regarding its content:

  1. the date and place of the constituent meeting;
  2. participants of the constituent meeting;
  3. the decision to create public association/non-governmental organization, stating the purpose (goals) of its activities;
  4. decision on the name (full and shortened) of public association/NGO;
  5. decision on the Statute of the public association approval;
  6. decision on election of the head, formation of management of the public association in accordance with the approved Statute;
  7. determination of a person who would represent the organization in relations with state bodies, public institutions and at the state registration;

Register of present persons is an integral part of statutory documents. It must contain the following data:

  1. for individuals – full name, date of birth. Personal data shall be certified by personal signature;
  2. for legal entities – full name, ID number, address, name and surname of the person authorized to take part in the constituent meeting. This data shall be signed by the person authorized to take part in the constituent meeting.

For the state registration authorized person should send the documents to the state registration office not later than 60 days after the decision was made. One should submit:

  • certified copy of the minutes;
  • Statute;
  • Information about management board of the organization;
  • Filled application form.

Stage II. Making seals, opening a bank account.
NGO can be a legal entity, have bank accounts, seal, but also must keep accounting and submit tax reports.
Stage III. Receiving the status of a nonprofit organization and peculiarities of taxation
Stage IV. Registration of the NGO’s symbols
Symbols (emblem or logo) may be registered in the State registrar for pay during 5 working days.
Stage VI. Receiving nationwide status by NGO
For receiving the status of national NGO, public organizations need to register their separate units in at least 14 regions of Ukraine.

Registration of a non-governmental organization

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