Registration of a legal entity in Ukraine

We realize a “turnkey” registration of a legal entity (company, in most cases LLC) (both for the citizens of Ukraine and foreigners):

  • coordination of the company name, reservation of the name in the Uniform State Register
  • preparation of all necessary documents from a founder (power of attorney, other documents)
  • coordination with a client of all aspects as regards the established company: legal form, corporate structure of the company, including management model, managing bodies, delegation of duties, size of the chartered capital and order of its formation, other issues
  • preparation of project documents: articles of association, minutes on the company establishment and other documents necessary for the state registration of the company, coordination of project documents with a client
  • filing in the Uniform State Register information on the company registration, director, registration of the Articles of Association, receiving the certificate of the state registration
  • filling all required documents and receiving the certificate from the Department of Statistics
  • registration of the company in the State Tax Bodies, Pension Fund, and funds of obligatory state social insurance
  • receiving permissions for making stamps and seals and the very making seals and stamps for the company
  • opening bank accounts (opening provisional bank accounts for the formation of the statutory capital, opening current bank account)
  • execution of other actions related to the state registration of a legal entity
A total price for services of the “turnkey” registration of a legal entity in Ukraine includes all charges (state duty, other obligatory fees, payments, notary services, making a seal etc), necessary for the registration of a legal entity.
Registration of a legal entity in Ukraine

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