For a long-term stay in Ukraine, foreign citizens and stateless persons must issue a temporary or permanent residence permit. 

The presence of a residence permit significantly simplifies the conditions for traveling and staying in Ukraine, because during the validity period of the permit there is no need to issue short-term visas or be limited to short-term visa-free travel. 

Also, having a temporary residence permit provides access to employment and business activities in Ukraine, creates conditions for further immigration to Ukraine, etc.


Foreigners or stateless persons who are temporarily staying on the territory of Ukraine on legal grounds and who have reached the age of 16 can get the desired temporary residence permit in Ukraine. If a person has not reached the age of 16, but has independently arrived in Ukraine for the purpose of education, has been recognized as having limited legal capacity or incapacity, or has arrived for the purpose of family reunification, he has all the legal grounds to obtain a permit.


A temporary residence permit in Ukraine is issued to foreigners or stateless persons who have arrived in Ukraine:

  1. for the purpose of employment;
  2. for work in representative offices of foreign companies;
  3. for work in branches or representative offices of foreign banks;
  4. who are founders and/or participants, and/or beneficial owners of a legal entity registered in Ukraine, with an ownership share in the authorized capital of a Ukrainian legal entity of at least 100,000 euros at the official exchange rate established by the National Bank on the date of the foreign investment;
  5. for the implementation of projects within the framework of international technical assistance;
  6. for the purpose of training;
  7. to spread beliefs, perform official actions or perform other canonical activities at the invitation of religious organizations;
  8. for participation in the activities of branches, departments and other structural units of public (non-governmental) organizations of other states;
  9. to carry out cultural, scientific and educational activities on the basis of international agreements or within the framework of special programs;
  10. as a journalist or representative of foreign mass media;
  11. for the purpose of family reunification on the basis of marriage with citizens of Ukraine;
  12. for the purpose of family reunification with parents, spouses and children who already have a temporary residence permit in Ukraine;
  13. released from points of temporary stay of foreigners;
  14. stateless persons recognized in the prescribed manner.


  1. a passport with a type D visa, unless otherwise stipulated by the legislation and international treaties of Ukraine (returned after presentation, a copy is attached);
  2. in the case of submitting documents on behalf of a minor, a document certifying the identity of the legal representative and a document confirming the authority of the person as a legal representative;
  3. translation into Ukrainian of the pages of the passport document, certified by a notary;
  4. a valid health insurance policy for the entire period of validity of the permit and its copy;
  5. a document confirming the payment of the administrative fee, or a document on exemption from its payment (the original is returned after presentation, a copy is submitted)

Additional documents for a temporary residence permit in Ukraine depending on the category of the applicant:

  • permission to use the labor of foreigners and stateless persons and the obligation of the employer or resident of Diya City to notify the competent authorities about the early termination or termination of the employment contract (contract), gig contract with a foreign employee;

  • submission of the state institution, enterprise or organization that is the recipient of the international technical assistance project and a certified copy of the international technical assistance project registration card; 
  • submission of the relevant religious organization and approval of the state body that registered the relevant religious organization;
  • a document confirming the fact of studying in Ukraine and the obligation of the educational institution to inform the competent authorities about the expulsion of a foreign student;
  • a marriage certificate (or similar documents in case of marriage registration abroad) with a citizen of Ukraine and a passport of a citizen of Ukraine with whom the foreigner is married, submitted personally by a citizen of Ukraine;
  • other documents, depending on the purpose of stay.

Where to submit documents for a temporary residence permit?

Applicants can apply to the territorial body of the State Migration Service of Ukraine or the state enterprise “Dokument” of the center for providing administrative services at their place of residence.

How long to wait for a temporary residence permit in Ukraine?

A temporary residence permit in Ukraine is issued within 15 working days after submitting the documents. 

Консультація юриста

It is only possible for the applicant to receive an issued certificate in person. 

As a general rule, a temporary residence permit is issued for a period of 1 year with the right to extend it an unlimited number of times, some permits are issued for up to 3 or 5 years (for example, for the period of employment or study).


  1. for illegal stay on the territory of Ukraine or due to an unfulfilled decision of an authorized state body on forced return or expulsion, or a ban on entry;
  2. in case of non-confirmation of the provided information from the data of the register, card file;
  3. in case of establishment of the applicant’s citizenship of Ukraine;
  4. in case of failure to provide the legal representative with the appropriate confirmed powers;
  5. in case of submission of documents not in full or in violation of the deadlines;
  6. in case of receiving information from the National Police, SBU, or other state body that the actions of a foreigner or a stateless person threaten national security, public order, health, protection of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens of Ukraine and other persons living in Ukraine;
  7. in case of submission of a forged, damaged or non-compliant passport document, or belonging to another person, or an invalid passport document;
  8. in case of establishing the fact of submission of knowingly false information or forged documents;
  9. in the case of discovery of the fact of the applicant’s non-compliance with the decision of the court or state bodies authorized to impose administrative penalties, or in the case of other property obligations to the state, individuals or legal entities, including those related to previous deportation outside Ukraine, in that including after the expiration of the ban on further entry into Ukraine;
  10. in other cases provided by law.

The obligation to register the place of residence after issuing a temporary residence permit in Ukraine

After issuing a temporary residence permit in Ukraine for the first time or in the event of a change of residence, a foreigner must register at the address in Ukraine that was previously indicated in the documents. 

Registration can be carried out by the foreigner himself or his authorized representative.

Registration of a foreigner at the specified address must take place within 30 days from the moment of issuing a temporary residence permit. 

Exceeding this period may result in a fine.

When renewing a valid permit for temporary residence in Ukraine, the same documents are submitted as in the process of issuing it. 

Documents required for the extension of a temporary residence permit must be submitted no later than 15 working days (24 calendar days) before the expiration of the current permit. 

If a foreigner misses this deadline, he must deregister from his place of residence and leave the territory of Ukraine within 7 days.


An immigration lawyer can be useful for properly assessing the grounds for issuing a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, the completeness and correctness of the documents for the permit, accompanying the competent authorities to submit documents to prevent the refusal to issue a residence permit, and to appeal the refusal to issue a permit for temporary residence.

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