How a foreigner can get medical certificates in Ukraine?

If you are going to get a work permit and a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, you should collect a package of documents, including medical certificates. Current legislation sets peculiar forms of these certificates if you undergo medical examinations in any Ukrainian clinic. Attorneys at law “Bachynskyy, Kolomiets and partners” are ready to explain the nuances.
About medical certificate
A foreigner who is going to be employed in Ukraine has to confirm he does not suffer from substance abuse (drug addiction, alcoholism, etc.) and certain infectious diseases. Such requirement can be explained by the necessity to provide safe working conditions for both the foreigner and for its potential colleagues. It is strictly recommended to undergo medical examinations in Ukraine, because foreign certificates very often do not meet the requirements of Ukrainian legislation.
Procedure of getting medical certificates in Ukraine
You should visit a clinic and your medical examination may be divided into the following parts:
1)      General blood tests;
2)      a therapist examination;
3)      making the fluorography (X-ray);
4)      psychiatrist examination.
After all you will get two certificates: one is concerning your general health and another confirms the absence of substance abuse.
Rules of getting work permit require that the foreigner must not suffer from inflectional diseases including
• Hepatitis B;
• Hepatitis C;
• Tuberculosis.
One should notice that HIV-test is not required, and public officials have no right to ask you about the results of this test.
Done! Now you’ve got your certificates, you are amazing and can go on preparing documents for your work permit. But if you are tired of Ukrainian bureaucracy, long queues is state clinics, limited working hours and don’t know what to begin with, contact “Bachynskyy, Kolomiets and partners” and let’s have a talk :)]]>

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