How to cancel a temporary residence permit in Ukraine

Under Ukrainian legislation temporary residence permit is valid for one year and is due for renewal each time, but not later than 15 days before the expiration of the permit. However, a need to renewal the temporary residence permit does not always exist, in particular, when the legal grounds for obtaining  residence permit ended.
Thus, a temporary residence permit in Ukraine may be canceled by the territorial division of the Migration Service (that issued it) in the case of divorce, contract’s of employment termination, graduation from university, etc. .
The obligation to inform territorial division of Migration Service about the departure of foreigners from Ukraine, change his place of residence,  contract’s of employment termination has the inviting party  (the employer, university, non-governmental or religious organization). Such notification must be made in writing within 10 days of termination grounds to prolong the temporary residence permit.
After receiving notice about termination of grounds to prolong temporary residence the migration  officer within 3 working days (after receipt) makes decision about  the destroid of the temporary residence permit.
However, the permit shall be destroyed only after the removal of foreigner’s place of residence. After that, a temporary residence permit returned to the Migration Service and stamp on issuing permit in еру passport of a foreigner canceled.]]>

How to cancel a temporary residence permit in Ukraine
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