Install patio for restaurant in Lviv

Install patio (summer tables) in the summer is profitable for each entrepreneur who has a restaurant or cafe. In order to establish the necessary structures need to get permission for placing outdoor area. The permit can be obtained in bodies of municipal government (in Lviv permit offices of Lviv City Council).
Until the summer playground put forward a number of requirements. For example within the sidewalk patio should be placed so as not to obstruct the movement of pedestrians and must be observed width of passage for people at least 1.8 meters. Also you should remember that summer terrace place exclusively within the institution façade restaurants with providing satisfactory passes in the entrance gate of the house, if any are available. If the owner of the restaurant business establishment want to increase the size outdoor area not within the facade institution, then it will need written permission from the tenant (owner) nearby establishment. Summer grounds must also be adapted for people with disabilities, which in turn requires additional investment by entrepreneurs. It should also be noted that entrepreneurs should set summer areas according to seasonal period, which is allowed to install outdoor area.
Setting summer playgrounds within a certain historical zone of the city has a number of their special requirements. First of all within the pedestrian zone establishment project should be coordinated with and approved by the City Planning Department. Also, the project should be coordinated with the Department of Historical Environment, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning Department SAI; should also be provided with special vehicles travel – 3.5 meters. If the patio open type then it may be installed only benches, chairs, tables, decorative items, lamps, urns, umbrellas and others.
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Install patio for restaurant in Lviv

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