Permit for signboards in Lviv

The sign – a design on the facade of the building is made in bulk or flat version, which is usually located near the entrance and from which we can learn about the organization or company that is located inside the building. Modern signboard usually takes two interrelated functions – presentation of information and advertising.
As noted in paragraph 6 of Article 9 of the Law „On Advertising” will not be considered advertising sign or plate, which is located within the inner surface of the first floor of own or leased building (construction), or on the floor where the room is at the entrance to a room . As practice shows, at a sign posted about names, trademarks and service owned by that person, activity and work.
Among the list of information that may be placed on the sign, the law does not provide information on addresses, Internet addresses, telephone numbers, and so on.
It should be emphasized that the information posted on the sign can not go beyond the information listed in Part 6 of Art. 9 Law „On Advertising”.
If the signs installed in violation of legal requirements (by virtue of accommodations such information, etc.) – they will be considered and fall within the definition of outdoor advertising in the interpretation of Article 1 of the Law „On Advertising”.
According to the Law „On Advertising” and the advertising in the city, Lviv, the basis for advertising on a particular place have permission to advertise issued by local governments, that is, the Lviv City Council.
To install signboards must make Placing signs, which will comply with the laws and regulations of advertising in the city. Lvov.
Placing signs must agree by permitting Management Centre Architecture LCC. If installing signboards planned in the historical center of Lviv, it should further coordinate with the Office of Historical Environment of  Lviv.

Requirements for placing signboards

Recently installed in Lviv sign of a play on words that vulgar one hand and on the other – means sharing (ie, a cafe and eat give and currency changes). But the media and Lviv City Council responded so that the sign should be replaced. So when you are planning to sign, should be approached primarily not only from a formal point of view. It is logical that the sign was not offensive to anyone, that it also fit into the interior and is distinguished by colors. Sense of taste and measure has not been canceled. There are companies that insist on maintaining logo colors (red or other bright colors), but the position of city officials is that for the sake of historical and architectural value, even companies with a worldwide reputation should do less flashy signs, a color scheme that will match the front of the house.
When placing signs on the facades of buildings and structures is not permitted damaging elements of architectural decoration.
It is obvious that you can refuse to issue a permit if glut facade signs. So do not be put off a decision about placing signs in the closet.
The style of art solving marketing tools on the facades of buildings and structures must conform to the architectural features and scale silhouette, color scheme facade of the building and marketing tool that is already installed.
Console advertising media on the facades of buildings can be installed at a height of not less than 2.5 m from the ground, at the same height with other advertising media console within and between street intersections with extreme performance of the construction of the wall no more than 1 m. within the Central Zone Console promotional tools to be made of the console width no more than 6 cm.
Everyone knows that most of the buildings of downtown city included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Therefore, the development of the advertising in Lviv, advertising tools on the facades of buildings within the territory of historic buildings is recommended to perform the natural or equivalent materials (bronze, brass, ceramics, smalt, precious woods, stone, art and stained glass) based on techniques that are specific to Lviv crafts (blacksmithing, art casting, milling and engraving on metal, blown glass, etc.).

It is necessary to draft

Before installing outdoor advertising signboards or entity turning to a specialized company or a certified professional who develops the project.
Project signboards should include:
– The name, which indicates an entity name and location of the signs;
– Consent of the architecture;
– Consent of the Department of Historic Environment m. Lviv (in the case of accommodation in the historic part of the city)
Also, the project should include:
– Color sketch (1: 5, 1:10) with the main dimensions, drawings mounts.
– Samples of fonts, which will be implemented inscription and figurative elements.
– Names of construction materials.
– Visualization of the place where the design will be placed.
– Name of person performer who developed the project, address, telephone number; organization name of the customer; date of the project.

Documents for approval signage

To coordinate project signs, must be submitted to the management „Licensing Office” LCC the following documents:
1. Application addressed Architecture Department of City Development
2. Draft signs, with relevant applications.
3. Copy of ownership or the right to use the premises where the entity operates. If there are several owners and sign extend to their part of the approval of the owners as well.
4. Extract or extract from the USR of the entity.
5. If a sign in a foreign language, yet must also submit a certificate of registration of the trade mark. If not, it may be a sign only Ukrainian.
After submission of all required documents vidbuvayetsyazasidannya working group.
Therefore, management architecture for 10 days makes these documents to the working group.
The working group meets weekly. Cub’yektam management and design offer to attend meetings of the working group. Therefore, the working group may consider applications submitted after take one of the following decisions: 1) coordinate project signs, in the absence of any comments on the draft; 2) indicating comments to guide the project to completion.
In case of approval of the draft stands, it govern the KP „Administrative and technical control”, which shall make information about it in a citywide registry of signs. After entering the information into the register, the entity receives signs in the Draft Permit Office and can begin to set.

These steps do not fully reveal the whole installation procedure signs, although it can be a lot of legal issues as comprehensive support for installing signboards contact  with Attorneys at law „Bachynskyy, Kolomiets and partners”.
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