BK partners at School of practical law: competitors grow up

Attorneys of “Bachynskyy, Kolomiets and partners” keep lecturing at UCU School of practical law.

As we know, the UCU School of practical law was opened on February 15, 2017.

Taras Bachynskyy, managing partner of “Bachynskyy, Kolomiets and partners” lectured on Tuesday, April 4. The speech was dedicated to management in legal business and legal marketing. They were talking about ups and downs of Ukrainian law firms since 90s till nowadays. A separate part of the master class was devoted to legal marketing: where to find and how not to lose clients, how not to get lost among competitors in Google, what’s the role of advertisement in legal business.

Not to make the lecture boring, Dr.Bachynskyy asked his students to prepare presentations of their own future law firms and describe it. Presentations were interesting and well-prepared, thus we are afraid of new young competitors!

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