New ways of wages timely payment

From the April 3, the draft law “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Concerning Ensurement of Timely Payment of Wages” is under consideration of the Supreme Pada, and it makes a few suggestions on improvement of wages payment system in Ukraine.

The author of the draft law suggests to make such amendments:
1) to complement the Code of Laws on Labour with the art. 115-1 concerning breach of wages payment terms consequences; in the case if there were breaches of wages payment terms, provided by law or collective agreement, the employer shall pay a compensation to the employee amounting to double NBU discount rate per year for each day of the delay, starting from the day after  after the deadlines payment of wages, including the date of actual payment.
The Law of Ukraine “On the labor remuneration” is to be complemented with the similar article.
Also, changes apply to art. 175 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which establishes criminal responsibility for non-payment of wages, stipends, pensions or other statutory payments. In particular, it is proposed to criminalize groundless unpaiment of wages, stipends, pensions or other statutory payments, if such action is repeated within one calendar year.
Under the draft law, a person is exempted from criminal responsibility if before the indictment act was drafted, the person made the payment of arrears of wages, stipends, pensions or other statutory payments to citizens in full, as well as the statutory compensation for damage caused by such non-payment or delayed payment .

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