Registering of Legal Entities and Individual from 2016 may be provided by notaries

Since 2016 new edition of the Law “On state registration of legal entities and individuals – entrepreneurs and community groups” is enforcable, according to which notaries are equal in rights to state registrars.

In fact, notaries now have same access to the Unique Register of legal persons and individual entrepreneurs as state registrators who were empoewered for administating state companies register.

However, there are few questions that we hope will be resolved in practice in the nearest future:

– The state fee for registration of legal entities and registration is zero, what will be the cost of notary services?

– When registering a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, applicator could immediately apply for a payer status of Simplified tax system or VAT, is it possible to carry out at notary?

– Registration of FOP was carried out only in region of FOP registration. Will notary at notarial district different from FOP residence provide such registration? This would greatly simplify the registration of entrepreneurs, it is not clear why they need to go to another region if they do not reside at the place of registration.

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