Videolink with the Court of Great Britain

The “Legalaid” team gained a unique experience when accompanying a Ukrainian witness questioning in a British court via videolink.

The Birmingham County Court was hearing a debt recovery case. Either Claimant or Defendant were in Great Britain, but one of the Claimant’s witnesses resides in L’viv region, Ukraine. Thus going abroad was both financially and time-consuming. And questioning via videolink was the best and the most suitable way out for both parties as well as for the Court.
The procedure was held in accordance with the British procedural law. The interpretor’s presense in the courtroom was provided and the witness was able to testify in Ukrainian. One cannot help but mention the solemnity of swearing to an affidavit in British courts, when the witness puts his hand on the Holy Bible and swears to tell “truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” (yes, like in films 🙂 ).
We cannot tell more details becuse of a NDA with our Client. But if you ever need to testify at a foreign court, we would responsibly help you.

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