State Migration Service now has the right to amend documents required for acquiring refugee status

A law (№3155) which expands the authority of the Migration Service in awarding refugee status or persons in need of complementary or temporary protection in Ukraine, has been passed at the today’s meeting of the Parliament. Thus, in the case of certain misprints or differences in personal data made in the decision, according to which a person is recognized a refugee or a person in need of additional protection, the relevant official of the migration service (within one month after an alien’s personal file was received) makes a new amended decision on the basis of a written conclusion and exchanges the documents, issued formerly.

In addition, the term of issuance of refugee’s or person’s in need of additional protection certificates was changed. Now it is 15 days (instead of 7 working days) from the date of the decision on awarding refugee status to a foreigner or a person in need of additional protection.

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