Permanent residence permit for foreign-based Ukrainians

In this article we will look at the procedure of obtaining an immigration permit and permanent residence permit for foreign-based Ukrainians, as well as some benefits of the status of foreign Ukrainians on the territory of Ukraine.

One of the grounds for obtaining an immigration permit is holding a foreign Ukrainian status by a foreigner. The following category of persons enjoy a right to receive an immigration permit in excess of the immigration quota. It means that the number of foreign-based Ukrainians who can obtain the permit is not limited in the calendar year.

Who is a foreign-based Ukrainian?

A foreign-based Ukrainian is the person who is the citizen of another state or a stateless individual, and also having Ukrainian ethnic origin or having origin from Ukraine. Particularly, such a person or his/her ancestors belong to the Ukrainian nation and recognize Ukraine as the homeland of their ethnic origin. Obtaining such status is possible under certain conditions, among which are Ukrainian self-identification, the Ukrainian ethnic origin or origin from Ukraine and lack of citizenship of Ukraine. The last condition is very important, as only a foreigner or a stateless individual can receive a status of foreign-based Ukrainian.

The Ukrainian ethnic origin or origin from Ukraine of the applicant is supported by the relevant documents (archival birth certificate, residence certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate) certificate or certificates of citizens of Ukraine; foreign-based Ukrainians; or public organizations of foreign-based Ukrainians. Persons wishing to acquire the status of the foreign Ukrainian submits the written application about provision of the status of the foreign-based Ukrainian in an embassy or a consular institutions of Ukraine abroad or in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The consideration of documents may take up to 90 days from the date of request, and after a person obtains the certificate of the foreign-based Ukrainian. Such a certificate is issued for 10 years with its further re-registration.

Order and procedure of obtaining a permanent residence permit

In order to obtain a permanent residence permit in Ukraine a person holding a certificate of the foreign-based Ukrainian must apply to the State Migration Service at place of residence or to the embassy or consular institution of Ukraine abroad.

Консультація юриста

Foreigners must apply and submit required documents personally.

Before submitting documents, a foreigner must undergo a medical examination and receive a medical document certifying that a person is not afflicted with chronic alcoholism, toxic substance or drug abuse, or infectious diseases . Such a certificate along with other documents, for example, a legally attested Ukrainian translation of a passport, must be submitted to a representative of the State Migration Service.

Other than as mentioned above, one of the documents that must be submitted is a certificate about absence of convictions. It’s important that such a certificate must be issued by the competent authority of the applicant’s country of former residence and must be properly legalized (through an apostille or consular legalization).

After the State Migration Service accepts the application, the stage of consideration and analysis of the submitted documents begins, which may not exceed one year of the submission date. During this time, all necessary verifications, by results of which ones the decision on granting or denying immigration permits to the individuals.

The next step is receiving an immigration permit and its issuance on the grounds of permanent residence permit. Permanent residence permit looks like a card with a contactless electronic chip. Unlike a permanent residence permit which looked like a book and was issued for an indefinite amount of time, a modern permanent residence permit is issued for 10 years with its further re-registration.

Benefits of the foreign-based Ukrainian status

The most prominent benefit of obtaining a certificate of the foreign-based Ukrainian is the opportunity to request an immigration permit into Ukraine. Not only a foreigner personally but also his/her spouse and children if they had arrived together in Ukraine.

One more benefit of holding a status of foreign-based Ukrainian who is a national of a state requiring an entry to Ukraine visa, is a right to receive a free multiple-entry visa for 5 years based on the certificate of foreign-based Ukrainian without issuing a respective invitation. Foreign-based Ukrainians are also granted an opportunity to study in higher educational institutions at the expense of the state budget within the set enrollment quotas.

It’s also important that foreign-based Ukrainians enjoy the right of official employment without receiving a permit for employment, and also acquire Ukrainian citizenship under a simplified procedure.

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