Representation in courts

The legal dispute may be settled in court and also in the pretrial order.
As for pre-trial settlement of the dispute, it should pay attention to several possible options:
1) Verbal and written advice – we thoroughly investigate your situation, existing documents and give you a complex analysis. Advice is given on the basis of not only the legislation but also of case law.
2) Proposals for possible ways to settle the dispute in the pretrial order – we always try to offer possible solutions to client issues without trial, because the trial is often lengthy and costly.
3) Participation in negotiations on pre-trial settlement of disputes, reaching a consensus, the preparation of the settlement agreement and other documents – in this case we represent clients in legal dispute with another party.
Representation in administrative, civil, business courts:
1) Preliminary analysis of the matter – we analyze the matter and tell you the potential advantages and risks.
2) Preparation and submission of required documents to the court – prepare all documents from the claim to the various petitions, applications, etc.
3) Direct Representation in a lawsuit – from first instance courts to higher courts.
Representation in courts is possible both in Lviv, in Lviv region and outside the region in achieving agreement between us and the client.
For advice, preparation of claims, representation in court contact us using tel. 0960020100, or other contacts listed on the site.

Representation in courts
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