In the context of recent legislative changes – family medicine reform in Ukraine, everyone was thinking about medical care. If someone did not find a family doctor with the right qualities in public health care institutions – the only way out is private medicine.

For physicians who do not want to depend on the number of declarations made with them, it is possible to open their own medical center. A private medical center requires the next steps.

First, one should choose a form of business – an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity (for example LLC). The individual entrepreneur can create a medical institution without medical education, but if it is staffed with educated medics.

About opening a medical institution, we have already written here.

Regarding the family medicine, it requires compliance with certain conditions.

To receive a medical license, one must file an application and a package of documents for the Ministry of Health. For preparing this package, it is required considering the following.


One has to specify the type of medical care. Family medicine belongs to primary care, which involves counseling, diagnosis and treatment of the most common diseases, as well as injuries and poisonings, pathological or physiological conditions (for example, during pregnancy). Primary health care includes preventive measures, referral of the patient to the narrow specialists, etc.

General practitioners – family physicians, as well as therapists and pediatricians, provide such assistance.
Employees, of course, must meet the qualification requirements that are approved by the Ministry of Health and have relevant documents (diploma, certificate, certificate, etc.). Doctors must have three-year work experience, or they must undergo an internship.

Консультація юриста


The premises must be owned or leased, and the details of the document confirming the rights to the premises should be specified when submitting a license.

However, not every apartment can accommodate the center of family medicine. It can not be located in a residential building.

At the same time, unlike, for example, infectious establishments of health care, the center of family medicine can be located also in a residential building (on the ground floor) in case of preliminary transfer of a living apartment to a non-residential. At the same time, it must comply with state sanitary norms and rules that establish requirements for primary health care institutions (Order of the Ministry of Health of 02.04.2013 № 259).

Interior decoration requires compliance with requirements that allow easy cleaning and disinfection (smooth surfaces, dense floor covering, tightness of joints, moisture-resistant materials, etc.).

The ventilation system and devices for disinfecting air, as well as natural lighting is obligatory.

There are also requirements for the minimum area of the main premises:

  • Cabinet for a patient`s receiving – at least 12 square meters;
  • Procedural office and laboratory – 20 sq.m. If an institution hosts more than eight hundred patients, a separate inpatient cabin for 12 sq.m.
  • Massage room (physiotherapy) – 12 sq.m.
  • Cabinet for sterilization – 10 sq.m.
  • Reception – 10 sq.m.
  • Registrar – 8 sq.m.
  • Insulator (with a gateway, a vestibule, and a lavatory) – 16 sq.m.
  • Room for staff – 6 sq.m.
  • Lavatory – 3 sq.m.
  • Wardrobe (for patients) – 4 sq.m.

Before submitting the documents, it is necessary to undergo a sanitary and epidemiological inspection of the object. The abovementioned sanitary norms must be observed for the successful passing of the inspection.

In addition, the medical center should have proper medical equipment and medical products, the use of which is authorized in Ukraine and confirmed by clinical protocols. Such equipment can be used not only on the right property but also on the right of a lease.



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