How to get archival certificates in Ukraine?

The search for archival certificates of person`s birth / marriage / death in Ukraine is very widespread nowadays. This is connected with the preparation of documents by foreigners for immigration to Ukraine or obtaining Ukrainian citizenship on the ground of territorial origin. The absence of documents confirming the fact of their relatives’ birth on the territory of Ukraine makes these people apply to archival institutions in order to obtain such information.

Grounds for obtaining archival certificates

In order to obtain archival records, you need to apply to any archival institution: state, regional archives, archival units of libraries and museums, and so on. For all of them, the order will be unchanged. However, to achieve the desired result, you should find out which archive would you apply to.

The most common grounds for applying to the archive, as already noted, is the necessity of establishing the fact of a person’s birth on the territory of Ukraine. This is important for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship or immigration permit in Ukraine. Sometimes this is necessary to search the documents which would confirm family relations between persons.

Please, take into account that person can only apply for a certificate which includes the information regarding himself/herself, persons who are on his (her) custody, under guardianship or trusteeship, his (her) deceased spouse, relatives (parents, children, sisters, brothers, grandparents, etc.). It is forbidden to receive information about other people, as far as personal data is contained.

The procedure of obtaining archival certificate

Firstly, you should select the archive in which the search for archival records will be performed. It is enough to know where such records were made.

In order to obtain a positive result, it is necessary to provide in the request a sufficient amount of information which would help to find records about the person. Such information includes: name and surname (sometimes in different spellings), date of birth or chronological framework, religious beliefs and place of birth. The purpose of the search for such information should also be indicated.

It is important to note that archives do not issue copies of birth / marriage or death certificates. Such information is determined on the ground of registers and church books. The archive issues only a certificate confirming the fact of birth / marriage / death.

For which purpose the archive certificate is needed?

Such certificate is one of the required documents while applying for immigration permit or obtaining citizenship, sometimes not only Ukrainian. This is connected with historical processes, since in Ukrainian archives is stored the information on the registration of records in territories, which previously belonged to other countries. Sometimes it is necessary to apply to Ukrainian archives in order to obtain citizenship of Poland, Romania and so on.

Why is the information about person absent in the archive?

Very often there are cases when information in archive is absent. This is influenced by many factors, one of which is the historical past of Ukraine. As a result of the wars, Ukraine was significantly destroyed, a large number of cities, buildings, including archives with everything that was in them, were destroyed.

Another factor is the incorrect spelling of names and surnames, their changing as a result of marriage and so on. That is why we advise you to indicate several spellings in your request. This, of course, will increase the chance of finding archival records about the person, however, the results may differ in spelling of names and surnames, what will create problems with their use.

If you found information about relatives, but their surname does not correspond with yours or your documents contain another name of such persons, you should apply to the court in order to establish the fact of kinship. Even if you are sure that these people are your relatives, do not underestimate the need to apply to court. Since, if you have any discrepancies in documents, it is impossible to prove the fact of kinship and even the fact of these persons birth in Ukraine without a court decision. This category of cases is considered in a separate court proceeding and has its own specifics. Based on the results of the court proceeding, a decision is made and can be used while applying to the State Migration Service as a confirmation of the fact of kinship between individuals and the fact of person`s birth in Ukraine.


How to get archival certificates in Ukraine?

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